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Whats in a Name?

Aidan has been look­ing for a name for his blog and in the pro­cess of ask­ing for some inspir­a­tion from his read­ers, he asked why our blogs are called what they are. I star­ted to answer the ques­tion in a com­ment but as I was doing it I realsied it might take a little while, so I thought I would hop over here and post why.
So why Elec­tric Weekend?
Well, Elec­tric Week­end, is tech­nic­ally the name of the design “part­ner­ship” I have with my house­mate Craig. We both wanted some­where to show­case our work, and maybe as a point of con­tact for any free-lan­cing work we can get. We wanted a name that was ‘dynam­ic’, inter­est­ing, unusu­al and well just ori­gin­al. So the brain­storm­ing began, and it las­ted a while, two months to be pre­cise. We star­ted to throw ideas around but wer­en’t really com­ing up with much, those of you who have done it will know how hard it is to come up with some­thing that matches those cri­ter­ia. Any­way, ran­domly we were both look­ing through some design books look­ing for inspir­a­tiona nd stumbled across two pieces of work. One included the word Elec­tric and the oth­er Week­end. We put them togeth­er, and well thought it soun­ded pretty cool. we lived with it for a couple of weeks, before we made the jump and bought the domain.
So how is this relat­ing to my blog?
Well, I always wanted a “prop­er” hos­ted Word­Press blog, well when I say always I mean for the few months lead­ing upto buy­ing the domain. As the domain was being shared, we split it into two one for me and one for Craig. Now ini­tially my domain was going to be for my port­fo­lio, as Craig has used his, but I felt like I wanted to use it for a blog as well. So this blog, as we now know it, was born, sadly the port­fo­lio sec­tion has nev­er come to fruition, but there are plans for something.
Now, I nev­er really expec­ted to call my blog Elec­tric Week­end, but over the months and after flit­ting through a few dif­fer­ent names, I decided to just mane it after the domain. It’s made a bit of a dif­fer­ence actu­ally, it feels like this is where my blog belongs, no oth­er domain, just this one. I’m not sure what Elec­tric Week­end means at the moment, but I know I want it to mean and become a place people can con­verse, read, respect each oth­er and most import­antly for me be a place I can share my faith and beliefs.

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  1. That was pretty inter­est­ing actu­ally. I had no idea about Craig’s site, do you still have the “part­ner­ship” with him?

  2. Tech­nic­ally yes, alto­hugh we have nev­er actu­ally had time to do any work togeth­er. We have had two or three offers but we had to reject them on the grounds of Uni work takes pri­or­ity atm. Hope­fully soon we will be able to accept a few briefs. What with the fact that I have fin­ished my dis­ser­ta­tion now! 😀 I’m try­ing to get Craig to start a blog as well, it’s just a case of himf ind­ing time!

  3. yeah this can be pretty time con­sum­ing, just because it is so addict­ing! I would love to see some of your work, oth­er than this blog of course!

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