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Trusting God

As Chris­tians, trust­ing in God is some­thing we all must do and for the most part we find it rel­a­tive­ly easy. Going about our day to day lives, to work and back, etc. it can be very easy to trust God. We pret­ty much know what is com­ing when, and whether we can afford to pay for this, that or the oth­er. With the odd excep­tion most of the time things seem to be run­ning smooth­ly. It’s easy to take for grant­ed that God has a plan for us and we must fol­low it and trust Him.
As most of you know I grad­u­at­ed from uni­ver­si­ty at the end of June and since then have been hunt­ing for a job. It’s not been easy and many times I’ve been on the verge of just going for any old job, as opposed to one in graph­ic design. But, I’ve stuck it out. I’ve kept trust­ing that the Lord will pro­vide me with the job he wants me to be in. It’s become increas­ing­ly dif­fi­cult to do so, but I have to do it.
Two weeks ago I took a bit of a leap of faith. I moved into a house in Slough, along with two of my house­mates from uni, with only enough mon­ey to cov­er the month­ly rent and some unpaid work place­ments lined up. In the week run­ning up to the move and sort­ing out the details of the house, I began to get quite uneasy. It could’ve just been because things were get­ting real and there was no back­ing out of it, but what ever the rea­son I was scared. I had to ful­ly lean on God, in a way I have nev­er done before, to pro­vide for me and in the days lead­ing up to the move I began to devel­op a grow­ing peace about the sit­u­a­tion. Yes, I was still ner­vous about mov­ing into a house with no guar­an­teed income to pay bills and buy food, but at the same time I knew that God would pro­vide for me every­thing I need. That was the most impor­tant thing. That I knew I would be sup­plied with what I need.
The week before we moved in I received a phone call telling me I had been short­list­ed for a graph­ic design job and that I had an inter­view. So at the start of the sec­ond week in the house I went for it. On that day my dai­ly bible notes had a read­ing which helped me a great deal.

There­fore I tell you, do not wor­ry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more impor­tant than food, and the body more impor­tant then clothes? Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heav­en­ly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valu­able than they? Who of you by wor­ry­ing can add a sin­gle hour to his life?
Matthew 6 v 25–27

It helped me realise that even though my wor­ries were legit­i­mate, I did­n’t need to focus on them as much as I appeared to be. Instead I just need­ed to trust in God and to trust that He will pro­vide for all the things I need. And well he has. Today I start­ed my first posi­tion as a graph­ic design­er in a design stu­dio, and I believe He pro­vid­ed it for me.

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