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Touch the beat

Well it final­ly land­ed. The iPod every­one has been antic­i­pat­ing for the last 2 years has final­ly land­ed, along with three younger (old­er?) broth­ers. It was a pret­ty action packed hour, and to be hon­est it was quite excit­ing. I’ve nev­er real­ly tried to get things minute by minute for an Apple announce­ment, but this time I was fair­ly free at the right time to be able to fol­low the fun, and it made it much more inter­est­ing and exciting.
iPod touch
The iPod touch, which many have been want­i­ng for a while is offi­cial­ly my iPhone! ha! That is until the actu­al iPhone comes out over here and when I get a job to buy either of them! It looks sweet, that’s the only word for it. It’s very iPhone like and very thin, and well I guess you all know about it, but I know it would com­ple­ment my new N73 until my con­tract runs out in 18 months time.
For me though, the iPod touch looks to be much more than an iPod, it almost seems to be verg­ing on PDA ter­ri­to­ry, what with inter­net capa­bil­i­ties, con­tacts, cal­en­dars etc. That’s what I’m most inter­est­ed in it for, but that all depends on whether this thing is two way sync-able. Obvi­ous­ly we can sync iTunes with it and any pur­chased music while on the go, but can we alter cal­en­dars and add con­tacts whilst out and about? The oth­er thing that I’m intrigued about, and which I don’t think it is capa­ble of, is the abil­i­ty to use it as a remote for my Air­Tunes. It’d be great to be able to stream music to my speak­ers over the wire­less net­work from my iPod rather than by lug­ging around my iBook. How nice would it be to have the music I want to lis­ten to in the lounge in the palm of my hand rather than my lap? The oth­er thing I would like, is some kind of IM pro­gram, to use MSN with my friends. I’d rather have it on the touch than the iBook any day.
So my ini­tial response is WOW! My sec­ond response is can I do this with it and can I do that with it and I guess only time will tell. I sus­pect, like the iPhone, it won’t be too long before peo­ple are hack­ing it and mak­ing it do the kinds of things I want it to do. This iPod touch could be more than just an iPod, but a great method of bring­ing con­tent from my Mac upstairs to my liv­ing room speak­ers in a small and famil­iar man­ner and with­out need­ing a posh TV and set tip box.

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