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Thanks The Apple Blog

Well The Apple Blog pos­ted those who won on their main page. I was amoung those who won, I believe I was 8th on the list. I got my request in for the Shuffle and my back up prizes, here’s to wait­ing. But I really wanted to thank them for such a great ini­ti­at­ive. They have gen­er­ated a fair bit of traffic into the for­um and it’s quite a lively com­munity with some inter­est­ing debate in. I hope that people don’t just leave now the con­test is over.
I would also like to say a big thanks to those com­pan­ies and develop­pers that pledged soft­ware to the giveaway, a very gen­er­ous notion. I hope all those who won get what they want and stick around in the for­ums afterwards.
Update: I won AppZap­per for those who are inter­ested! THanks once again! 

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