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Tagging, need some help!

I use tag­ging here on Elec­tric Week­end in order to fil­ter and sort my con­tent and for some reas­on lately I have been reading/seeing a lot of stuff about it. I’ve kind of developed a new under­stand­ing for how tags should be used, and as a res­ult I want to remove/streamline some of my tags. If any­one out there is exper­i­enced in this, or knows how I can remove some and tag older posts with sim­il­ar tags to the new­er posts I would be very inter­ested to hear from you.
What I want to do, is shrink my tagcloud. It has too many tags in it that are very sim­il­ar to oth­er tags (some are sin­gu­lar, oth­ers plur­al etc) as well as hav­ing too many tags that only relate to one post. It’s these tags I want to tackle and then re-assign more rel­ev­ant tags to the posts. So if any­one has advice about doing this, then please let me know!

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