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Rolf Harris

The oth­er day, Sunday I think it was, I watched “Rolf Har­ris: A Life Time In Paint­ing”. I’ve always been a bit of a Rolf Har­ris fan, at least where his art was con­cerned, and it was a really inter­est­ing pro­gram to watch. I have always found his art­work really inter­est­ing and, well just down­right amaz­ing, but waht really struck me was his enthu­si­asm. The guy was so full of it, he loved it. You could say he actu­ally lived, drank, ate Art. I’m not going to say much more but just leave you with some of his paint­ings, cos well, they do all the talk­ing needed!

Self Portrait - Rolf HarrisSelf Por­trait – Rolf Har­ris Hos­ted on Zooomr
Blue Horzons - Rolf HarrisBlue Horzons – Rolf Har­ris Hos­ted on Zooomr
Ghost City In The Gums - Rolf HarrisGhost City In The Gums – Rolf Har­ris Hos­ted on Zooomr

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