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Thanks to Kahled at Broken Kode I think I shall be check­ing out an anime film called Paprika. I recently watched an anime called Spir­ited Away and actu­ally really enjoyed it. I’ve always had a kind of interest in some of the Japan­ese “car­toons”, but I’ve nev­er really got­ten into it too much as I’ve not really known where to start. By the sounds of Khaled’s thoughts on Paprika it will be one of the few films I know of that I want to check out.

Any­one know of any oth­er anime movies I should check out in the mean time?

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  1. Hmm, I usu­ally just watch the tv shows, I am really into Bleach and Naruto. Hon­estly I can­’t find them any­where in the US so I use a tor­rent. But I really like those shows. I have nev­er seen either one of those movies, let me know how Paprika turns out.

  2. I’ve nev­er really watched any obscure Anime, I might check those two out. Are they licensed? Or are they unli­censed and there­fore leg­al to download?

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