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Nothing. Ever.

It’s inter­est­ing how things often crop up in the space of a couple of weeks in the Chris­ti­an world. Two weeks ago at CU we had one of the guys from my church, Luke, come to speak. He spoke on rela­tion­ships, first about our one with God, then our friends and then with a “sig­ni­fic­ant oth­er”. Now whilst that was very inter­est­ing the final part of his talk was a DVD. It was a Nooma one, spe­cific­ally num­ber 10 Lump.
Now the focus of this DVD is that God loves us/you/me. No mat­ter what.

“Noth­ing you do can ever change how much I Love you.”
Nooma 010 Lump

That line is said in the DVD a lot at the end, but the way it’s delivered and the whole build up before it really makes it hit home. Tonight in my cell group, as I was lead­ing and as I was in the plan­ning meet­ing on Tues­day, this phrase came up again, and at the moment its really strik­ing me. It’s not the only thing, but that’s for anoth­er post, but it really is hit­ting me. He, God, loves me. He loves me des­pite the fact I mess up. He loves me when I mess up every­day, when I do some­thing He does­n’t want me to do, he still loves me. I think that’s so awesome!
But, and this is the best bit. It’s not just me He loves. He loves you, sat here read­ing this post. He loves the guy walk­ing his dog down the street. He loves every­one. But whats even cool­er, is that he wants to know the people he loves. He wants to be in a rela­tion­ship with you, and thats just simply amaz­ing and I’m so think­ful for it.

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  1. I love Nooma’s and the stuff Rob Bell does. He was just here in LA on Thursday night at UCLA, the same night I was lead­ing small group – I would have liked to see him speak.

  2. I’ve only seen that Nooma, but I’m think­ing of bor­row­ing them off a friend, and even buy­ing that one. It was fant­ast­ic, if his talks are as moving/powerful/touching as the DVD then I think I’d quite like to see him too.

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