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Well, simply put on Thursday night I some­how man­aged to sprain my neck! Stop laugh­ing! It really hurts! I did­n’t actu­ally know it was pos­sible to do such a thing, but I’ve done it and it flip­ping hurts. Any­way, as a res­ult I’m not able to do as much work as I have been since after 30 mins being sat at my desk it gets quite pain­ful and I have to move and do some­thing else where my neck is more sup­por­ted. As a res­ult the small amounts of blog­ging I have been doing recently may get a bit smal­ler, at least for the next couple of weeks. Hope­fully, I will be able to form­al­ise a few of the posts I have sit­ting wait­ing to be writ­ten while I’m rest­ing my neck. Any­way, please stay tuned.

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  1. Thanks Shawn, hop­ing it will get bet­ter a bit quick­er than expec­ted but it’s not look­ing too hope­ful if this morn­ing is any­thing to go by!

  2. I feel for you Phil… I must say, it sounds very pain­ful. I can ima­gine that it will be awk­ward for you to sleep as well.
    I hope it gets bet­ter soon. Take care 🙂 .

  3. Thanks Aidan. It’s start­ing to get a bit bet­ter now, it’s not quite as stiff today, although it is get­ting sore right now.

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