I'm a Christian, a designer, and a gadget fan who lives in Cheltenham, UK.

This is my blog, a creative outlet to mess around and play with as well as a place that logs my thoughts and inspirations.

My Top Websites

While I’ve been think­ing about stuff to write for this place I was think­ing about what I like to do con­cern­ing the inter­net. The thing I most like to do is find new websites/blogs etc. It fas­cin­ates me what is out there and how they look etc. So I thought it might be an idea to do a little post on my top five most used web­sites. As I was com­pil­ing my five I real­ised some­thing. There’s noth­ing new in them, they aren’t really web­sites which no one has heard about. So in addi­tion to my five most used “pop­u­lar” web­sites, I’m going to try and add a few less­er known sites.

Five most used “popular” websites

The only social net­work­ing ser­vice I will use is Face­book. I refused MySpace on the account that it’s flip­ping ugly! Face­book has the advant­age now that all my friends are on it, so it’s a nice way to be able to keep in touch with people who have moved around the coun­try off to vari­ous dif­fer­ent uni­ver­sit­ies and bey­ond. It has been MySpaced a little with the addi­tion of the apps, but I’m liv­ing with those.
Twit­ter (via Twitterific)
Twit­ter has become quite a use­ful tool for me. I don’t inter­face much with the web­site itself but I do use the ser­vice through the Twit­ter­if­ic applic­a­tion by Icon­Fact­ory and Quick­Sil­ver, which is why I have included it. I have a few friends from around the inter­net who use it as well, but it’s main pur­pose is as my “One status to rule them all”.
The Apple Blog Community
I do use The Apple Blog (TAB) main site, but I mainly vis­it the TAB Com­munity. It’s a great place to find answers you need help with or find out stuff about Apple in gen­er­al. I’ve been vis­it­ing the place since Janu­ary and have found many a use­ful thing. It’s also a great place to hangout if you are ever short of some­thing to do on the interweb.
Con­tinu­ing on the line of “social” web­sites, Flickr is anoth­er reg­u­lar haunt of mine. It’s one of my first ports of call if I’m in need of an image, and I quite often find myself sat look­ing through the many design groups that can be found there. An excel­lent resource and a great way to keep all my pho­tos backed up as well!
BBC News
Unlike all the oth­er sites I’ve men­tioned this one is not a com­munity driv­en place. The BBC News site is how­ever and great resource, for both cur­rent news and old news. It’s one of the first sites I open every­day and is a tre­mend­ous mine of information.

A few lesser known websites

With those five com­pleted I’ve picked out a few sites I vis­it reg­u­larly that you might not know so well.
MySeries.nl is the site I use to keep up to date on my three favour­ite TV shows. Fans of Lost, Her­oes and Pris­on Break can find all the latest epis­odes avail­able to stream to your com­puter. The best bit, is that they are mostly in High Defin­i­tion and can be viewed in full screen modes, so no need to sit and watch a little win­dow on your screen. The site is in dutch, but it’s easy to nav­ig­ate to find the shows you want to watch and they are all in English.
Now I’m a bit of a fantasy sports team fan and fsports is one of my sites of choice for par­ti­cip­at­ing in leagues with your friends. It has a choice of sports from For­mula 1 to the Premi­er­ship, via the BTCC and Moto­GP. I’ve had teams in the F1 and Premi­er­ship for the last few years and in the Crick­et world cup. A great place to invite your friends and setup a mini league to go up against each oth­er in a bit of friendly competition.
Relevant Magazine
REL­EV­ANT­magazine is the final site on my list today. I’m a big fan of the pod­cast the guys pro­duce and it’s a great resource for Chris­ti­an art­icles. Rel­ev­ant is a magazine based in the US that dis­trib­utes all over the world, it cov­ers some sec­u­lar music and films but has art­icles about rela­tion­ships and oth­er life issues. It’s not a reg­u­lar magazine though and all the life art­icles have a bib­lic­al basis and are often quite challenging.
I hope you find some­thing in there that is of interest to you. It would be nice to hear of your less­er known sites that you vis­it reg­u­larly, it’s always nice to dis­cov­er a new gem of a web­site that is only just get­ting off the ground, or that has been around for a while but does­n’t get the atten­tion it deserves.

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