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More than just symbols

I’ve spent the last cou­ple of days writ­ing, or at least try­ing to write, stuff for my dis­ser­ta­tion. It’s been qutie a hard task, the sub­ject of my dis­ser­ta­tion is look­ing at the use of Chris­t­ian sym­bols in adver­tis­ing and one of the things I’ve been try­ing to do is look at the key sym­bols and themes of the faith. On the sur­face this would a peear to be quite easy, but, its not! It’s tak­en me longer to write this than it has any­thing else, not that there was a lot before it, but it’s cer­tain­ly tak­en a long time!
Now being a Chris­t­ian I have an under­stand­ing of the sym­bols and con­cepts that are the basis of my faith, but thats the issue, that’s why its tak­en me so long to write this sec­tion. Reduc­ing some­thing you believe in so strong­ly down to just sym­bols and con­cepts is incred­i­bly hard. These items/stories etc are so impor­tant and mean so much more per­son­al­ly than you can por­tray in an aca­d­e­m­ic paper. Approach­ing these ideas in an objec­tive man­ner is incred­i­bly hard, I find it hard to talk about them in a detached man­ner, in a way that does­n’t inject my own beliefs into the paper. Even now writ­ing this, I can’t quite ful­ly put into words how dif­fi­cult it is. Describ­ing these aspects of my faith as just objects or ideas in incred­i­bly chal­leng­ing, refer­ing to them as ideas is so hard, they are so much more than ideas. It’s mak­ing me ques­tion if I can write about these concepts/ideas/symbols as things that are per­son­al and that are more than this. I would like to, but every­time I start to do it I can see my tutor ask­ing where the back up for these mean­ings is com­ing from. Argh so hard!
I guess it leaves one thing for me to do. Pray about it.

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  1. per­haps look­ing at an edu­ca­tion book or the QCA doc­u­ments used in schools as les­son plans would help. QCA RE UNit 3A What do signs and sym­bols mean in reli­gion. I know it may be very sim­ple but the basis of signs and sym­bols are sim­ple. Who knows it may give you a start. HOpe so .
    LOve mum

  2. I’m mak­ing some progress now, in fact I think I have man­aged to out­line the sym­bols nice­ly now and indi­cate how they have been used in adverts.
    It is one of the hard­est things I have done I think, try­ing not to put any of your beliefs into it is very difficult!

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