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London Olympics

Ok, I’ve been inspired to take a break from work and blog some­thing today. What was the cause of this sud­den moment of inspir­a­tion that has dragged me away I hear you cry! Well, in case you wer­en’t aware, Lon­don is host­ing the Olympics in 2012 and today they announced the logo.
First a bit of background.
On com­ment­ing about the brand, Lord Sebas­tien Coe said

It will define the ven­ues we build and the Games we hold and act as a remind­er of our prom­ise to use the Olympic spir­it to inspire every­one and reach out to young people around the world.
It is an invit­a­tion to take part and be involved.

The may­or of Lon­don, Ken Liv­ing­stone added

The new Olympic brand draws on what Lon­don has become – the world’s most for­ward-look­ing and inter­na­tion­al city.

And then lord Coe summed it up.

This is the vis­ion at the very heart of our brand

So, let’s take a look at this vis­ion. From the BBC art­icle we can tell the logo needed to be: Invit­ing; inspire every­one; reach out to young people around the world; demon­strate what Lon­don has become and define the ven­ues we build and the games we hold. So let’s have a look at these.
Invit­ing – As far as I can tell the logo needs to be warm, pleas­ant to look at, some­thing that brings people togeth­er and involves people in the games.
Inspir­ing – Some­thing that brings hope, some­thing that is going to make people want to be involved in it.
Reach out to the young – That means they need to identi­fy with it, it needs to be some­thing that can be famil­i­ar, remembered and cre­ate interest.
Be Lon­don – Believe it or not Lon­don has a boom­ing design industry, it’s diverse, the logo needs to show this, and simple style will do it.
Define ven­ues – The ven­ues are largely going to be new, this means they will be con­tem­por­ary, styl­ish, sleek and up to date.
With that in mind, let’s look at the Lon­don logo.
The logo for the London Olympics.
Now the ques­tion is does it fit with those “cri­ter­ia”?
Hon­estly, I don’t under­stand how it does, or how it was even allowed to be cre­ated. If the Olympic com­mit­tee wants to do the above with their logo/brand they need to quickly revise their design and come up with some­thing that does­n’t look like a 4 year old drew it!
Out of interest I looked at some recent and forth­com­ing logos for the Olympic games. I found Athens and Beijing.
The Athens and Beijing Olympic logos.
Now I’m not say­ing these are stun­ning pieces of design, but for me they cap­ture the feel of the coun­tries and cer­tainly as I see it, cap­ture some of the essence of their nations. Athens, just looks sum­mery, hot and relaxed, whilst Beijing has that ori­ent­al feel to it, exactly what you expect and want to see. For me though, the one that really works and I really like, is the logo for the 2016 Chica­go Olympics. It’s just down­right styl­ish, cap­tures the com­munity of the Olympics that comes with passing the flame from nation to nation and it just works so well.
The 2016 Chicago Olympics logo (london needs to take note!).
In all hon­esty, I don’t under­stand the Lon­don logo, I don’t like it, it hurts my eyes and it just does­n’t sum up or rep­res­ent what­they were try­ing to say, nor does it rep­res­ent the UK and London.

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