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Bigger than Mom and Dad

I’ve just come across this quote by Lisa Simpson in my Mole­skine. I wrote it down a while ago, I don’t really remem­ber why, or what struck me about it at the time. But when I read it this time I felt com­pelled to come here and post about it.
The quote:

I’m no theo­lo­gian, I don’t know who or what God is. All I know is he is a force more power­ful than Mom and Dad put togeth­er, and I think you owe him!

What struck me about the quote as I read it was the nature of Lisa Simpson as she looks at God. It’s very child-like some­thing which I think can be miss­ing in the way we all look at and think about God. We are told to do it by Jesus in the Bible (Mark 10 v 13–16) where he said

I tell you the truth, any­one who will not receive the king­dom of God like a little child will nev­er enter it.

and I think it is import­ant to do so. Approach­ing God like a little child would their Dad brings with it that obed­i­ence and reli­ance that we should have. A child has to rely fully on their par­ents to sup­ply them with everything they need and to give them help and guid­ance. If we can look to God in this man­ner and with these qual­it­ies then it will serve us well in seek­ing Him, obey­ing Him and ulti­mately glor­i­fy­ing Him.

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