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iTunes and iPod help needed

Ok, recently my iTunes lib­rary got to the point where my Music col­lec­tion is big­ger than my iPod can hold. Ever since then I have struggled with how to sort what music is placed on my iPod. I ini­tially had it update itself and cre­ate a playl­ist to update from each time. This cre­ated the prob­lem that when new music was added I had to redo everything and also that I lost my playl­ists on my iPod.
So I seem to have a bit of a poser here. Basic­ally, what I would like, is to have my iPod update with new music mov­ing onto it as it is added repla­cing less listened to music or less highly rated music. Maybe, the odd bit of non-music as well such as my Dave Gor­man epis­odes. I thought that maybe there were some people out there who had exper­i­enced sim­il­ar and come up with a good solu­tion. Obvi­ously I am try­ing my own tech­niques, but not hav­ing much luck, so hoped someone out there could shed some light on this issue!

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