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“iPhone” Troubles, Cisco says its ours!

Cisco is suing Apple for using the name iPhone. I can under­stand why they are doing it, but really, every­one knows the iPhone is Apple, heck any­thing ‘i’ is Apple really, people are just try­ing to cash in. Just as I ima­gine Cisco were!

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  1. I just heard this morn­ing on the radio about Apple being sued.
    I sup­pose you’re right in what you’re say­ing; everything with an ‘i’ in front of it is some Apple product. Though you would still expect Apple to take pre­cau­tions and make sure they are ok to use the trade­marked name before they parade it in front of everyone!
    If I am hon­est I can­’t see much com­ing of it, the suing I mean. You hear about these things every now and again and every time it dies down after a settlement.
    The iPhone does look great though, if I could afford one then I would prob­ably buy one. Any­way, I will con­tin­ue to live in hope. I usu­ally do! 😉

  2. The iPhones do look good Aidan, I cer­tainly wnat one and know many people who are join­ing me in the drooling!
    I can see what you mean about Apple tak­ing pre­cau­tions before parad­ing the product, but I have a sneak­ing sus­pi­cion Cisco will not let this one go eas­ily. This will how­ever help to keep the iPhone in the spot­light for the next 5 months while we wait for it to be launched!

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