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Graphic Inspiration: Derek Punsalan

So as I’m study­ing Graph­ic Design at Uni­ver­sity, one of the big things for me whilst surf­ing the web is find­ing sites I think are either: great design or designs I find inspir­ing (which I sup­pose cov­ers the first one as well). I decided since I enjoy look­ing at these sites and find them inspir­ing design wise (although con­tent wise as well some­times) I would start to fea­ture some of those designs here at Elec­tric Week­end. So in my new cat­egory of Graph­ics, I bring you a series of posts called “Graph­ic Inspiration”.
So I give you the first of my “Graph­ic Inspir­a­tion” series, Derek Pun­salan.

It’s the front page to his latest web domain and is act­ing as a port­fo­lio site. I have found the designs for 5thirtyone Derek’s blog, very inspir­ing for a long time, so it’s no sur­prise that his new site is the first one I’ve pos­ted, if not the site to inspire these series of posts.

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  1. Phil. Com­pletely flattered to be recog­nized as part of your “Graph­ic Inspir­a­tion” series. I am repeatedly sur­prised any time some­thing I put out there is recog­nized in such a pos­it­ive manner.

  2. You should­n’t be sur­prised now, your sites are so good and get recog­nised so often I’d have thought you would be get­ting used to it a bit more ;-). I always find your designs are really refresh­ing to see.

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