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Recently I have been hear­ing, read­ing and see­ing a lot of stuff about using our gifts for God. It was in a part of our talk at CU on Tues­day, I’ve read posts on blogs about it, and it’s really mak­ing me think par­tic­u­larly with the end of Uni approach­ing fast!
I’m a visu­al per­son, I’ve always been a visu­al per­son, it’s what I do. Now, I firmly believe that my cre­at­ive tal­ents are a gift from God and I want to use them to glor­i­fy him. In my two and a bit years at Uni I have been heav­ily involved in pub­li­city and graph­ics for the CU, which I’ve really enjoyed. It’s some­thing I would like to do in the future, for churches and organ­isa­tions. So with the end of Uni com­ing quick it’s time for me to start think­ing about what I can do next. I’ve star­ted to look at stu­di­os and such, but not know­ing where I’m going to be makes it extra hard. The one thing I’m really start­ing to con­firm is that I want to work some­where which will allow me to use my tal­ents and skills for the bene­fit of the Church.
Some­thing which I believe strongly in is that Churches and Chris­ti­an organ­isa­tion really need to have a strong visu­al iden­tity and this is some­thing I want to work on and help churches cre­ate. But why do I think it’s so import­ant? I think it’s so import­ant for a church to have a strong visu­al iden­tity as it allows people out­side the church gen­er­ate a link with it. Brands and iden­tit­ies are all over the place, people are used to see­ing strong brands, and if they see a church that has a strong brand it helps them to real­ise that the church and everything it stands for is rel­ev­ant today. If people see the ama­teur­ish home made brand­ings most churches have these days, they are less likely to take any notice of it. It instantly makes that church out of touch with soci­ety, at least in their minds. But if they see a well thought out pol­ished iden­tity that brings with it a cer­tain level of cred­ib­il­ity, they are far more likely to be open to the mes­sage that church is bringing.
I’m start­ing to go off top­ic now, or am I? This is a part of my gift­ings, cre­at­ing visu­al iden­tites is a part of what I do, and if I can use that and couple it with the church and Mat­thew 28 then all the bet­ter. The church is all about mak­ing the Gos­pel access­ible to people who don’t hear it, and start­ing with a strong ID for your church is only going to help that accesibility.

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  1. Phil, Great post. I agree with your point about churches need­ing a strong visu­al iden­tity. To us Chris­ti­ans we may not notice this as much because we to church to com­mune with God and oth­er believ­ers, while those who are not Chris­ti­ans know noth­ing of this so they look at the out­ward appear­ance. We need to recog­nize this as the Church, not to say that we are “trick­ing” them to come to church, but make it more appeal­ing to them.

  2. Ah, the age old we will be trick­ing them into com­ing, I have heard many people say this when I’ve brought up this issue. What I think people lose sight of, is that when someone says we need to cre­ate a brand/identity, they instantly assume these are God­less things or that you are try­ing to remove God from the Church, when all you are try­ing to do is make Him more accessible

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