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Eight Things About Me!

Nick of TCRA has tagged me for a meme. From what I gath­er I have to tell you eight things about me, that you might not know. So here goes:
1 — I’m going grey. Yes you did read the right. I’m 22 and I’m already going grey, start­ing in the tem­ples and down the side of my head and end­ing with the two stripes that are devel­op­ing in my hair line, which have been coined my bad­ger stripes by Lucie!
2 — When I was about 5 and learn­ing to ride my bike I fell off side­ways into the row of rose bush­es we had run­ning across the front of our garden!
3 — I’m ter­ri­fied, and I mean real pho­bia of Wasps! You would be too if you had been stung in the mid­dle of Novem­ber by one when you were 8, and then 4 more times since!
4 — I once said I did­n’t mind the foot­ball team Der­by Coun­ty. I was about 8 or 9 and had­n’t quite realised the rival­ry between my team Not­ting­ham For­est and the sheep from down the road!
5 — I real­ly like Geog­ra­phy, gained an A in it at A‑level and had I not been so into design would’ve stud­ied it at University.
6 — I can tell the dif­fer­ence between the offi­cial Coca Cola and any­thing pre­tend­ing to be sim­i­lar. Or at least I think I can!
7 — I seem to try lots of ser­vices on the inter­net and not real­ly use them. It some­times feels like I only try them so I can snaf­fle my name as a signup.
8 — I went through my whole school life with­out ever being put into detention!
Well there we, go that was actu­al­ly quite hard to do. I believe I’m sup­posed to tag some peo­ple now, so I’m tag­ging Shawn because apart from Nick and the guys he tagged, he is the only per­son I know who reads my blog. Then I’m tag­ging recent com­men­tors Simon and Rab­steen in the hope I can start to build up some more blog­ging bud­dies! Hope you guys don’t mind!

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  1. Through­out sec­ondary school I did­n’t get a deten­tion either. I don’t know if we get them at our sixth form… I will have to wait and see haha.
    But well done, great achievement 😛 .

  2. Ha, I don’t think you can get deten­tions in sixth form, I don’t know any­one who did. It’s cer­tain­ly a good thing to be able to say, well done to you as well!


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