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Design: CU

The last few weeks I have been work­ing on a Uni inde­pend­ent study mod­ule, basic­ally a self led brief. I have been work­ing on a new iden­tity for the Chris­ti­an Uni­on here at the uni­ver­sity. I’ve worked on some­thing that aims to demon­strate the beliefs of the CU and it’s mis­sion state­ment, “live for Jesus; speak for Jesus”. I’ve developed a Web­site which we hope to build in the next few weeks, but I wanted to show you want I have been work­ing on, par­tic­u­larly with Nick­’s recent request to see some more of my work.
So here is the logo, I’ve developed.

I wanted to devel­op some­thing tat was straight up and hon­est about the beliefs of the CU, some­thing that did­n’t wrap them up in anoth­er concept, some­thing that lets the word of God shine through.
The web­site had to hook into the notions presen­ted by the logo, that was simple and hon­est and presen­ted the com­munity aspect of the CU. It needed to hook into the hon­est routes presen­ted by the CU in a clean and con­cise way. So here are a few screen shots of the new website.

The images will hope­fully link up to the actu­al pages soon, but for now they are just styl­ised screen shots.

4 responses

  1. Phil, very nice. I really dig the logo and the web­site lay­out. It’ looks great.
    I just put in a bid for logo and brand­ing for a new private school that’s start­ing up. If I pick it up I will send some con­cepts your way.

  2. THanks for the com­pli­ments Shawn. I’ve done some print stuff for it as well, which I might well upload as well. I hope the pitch for the school goes well.

  3. Hey, Just came over here from Aidan’s blog and thought I’d comment.
    I really like the CU logo and web design. Really crisp and clean.
    I work for a Stu­dent’s Uni­on and it’s really great when stu­dents put in that extra effort for things they care about. Soci­et­ies at Uni­ver­sit­ies rely on the stu­dents to run them and I’m sure they’ll be very pleased with what you’ve done.
    Keep it up and I can­’t wait to see the fin­ished CU site.

  4. Thanks Adem. Hope­fully the web­site will be built soon, we have had a few issues recently with what was in place, but hope­fully things will be pro­gress­ing soon!

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