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Colour Shuffle

I’ve recent­ly had the chance to see and try out the new iPod Shuf­fle, one of my friends got one for Christ­mas, and it’s bril­liant. It’s so small. I’m real­ly tempt­ed to get one, but I’m man­ag­ing to hold off at the moment, but it would be so use­ful, I get fed-up of car­ry­ing my iPod around with me, it’s too big and this is so small! grrrr! What’s worse is Apple make it so appeal­ing. It’s now in colour!
For­tu­nate­ly they did­n’t do a Prod­uct (RED) ver­sion, like the Nano, oth­er­wise I would be find­ing it very hard to resist!

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  1. My pas­tor bought one of these, it is so cool. I am in the same boat as you, I real­ly want one but there are some oth­er things I need.

  2. Yeh, get­ting to the busi­ness end of my degree is real­ly mak­ing me pri­ori­tise things more. Some­thing cool now goes shoot­ing down the list, darn this near­ly leav­ing Uni malarky!

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