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Blogs can be blogs

I had a bit of a real­isa­tion today regard­ing my blog. Recently as you might have guessed with my little flir­ta­tion with Tumblr, I’ve been hav­ing a few issues with my blog and it’s dir­ec­tion. I’ve been con­sid­er­ing a lot of what I want from it, what I “should” be doing with it. I guess I’ve kind of been obsess­ing with find­ing a place in the big wide world of blog­ging. So many times I’ve read about hav­ing a niche, a spe­cial­ism if you will, that in order to be a “suc­cess” you need to be a bit of an elit­ist. I’ve always struggled with that concept, I’ve nev­er been able to carve out a niche, or devel­op my blog into some­thing that can be con­sidered a “suc­cess”. Today I think I finally real­ised why that is. It’s not me.
This morn­ing in my RSS read­er I came across this post from Khoi Vinh of Subtraction.com fame. He has this repu­ta­tion for design, for his blog design, for speak­ing about design for know­ing about design. I added Sub­trac­tion to my RSS because of that, but what’s kept it there is his writ­ing. It’s not always about design, heck today’s post was about base­ball. I know noth­ing about base­ball. But I still enjoyed it. Which is when it hit me. I need to stop try­ing to be “someone” and be me.
People like me for who I am in real­ity, so why with my blog am I try­ing to be someone and not just being me. It’s not what you write about, it’s how you write it. So, instead of try­ing to give my blog a niche, try­ing to make it “some­thing” I’m just going to let it reflect me. It’s going to be a nat­ur­al reflec­tion of the per­son who owns it. As long as I am able to write well, and in an inter­est­ing way that I enjoy, then that’s all that mat­ters. I hope that you guys who read, will like my blog and me for just being nat­ur­al. I hope my writ­ing will grow because of it, but this is my hobby, and if I’m enjoy­ing then that will reflect in what I write. That is, after all, the most import­ant reas­on to be doing it.

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  1. Right on man! I hate the whole niche thing, I’m not a niche kind of guy. Too bad it seems that not hav­ing a niche means not hav­ing many read­ers.. at least in the case of my blog. =)
    Have a good weekend!

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