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BBC on-demand MicroSoft only!

After point­ing you all towards the BBC plans for on-demand con­tent, my ini­tial excite­ment is now some­waht dimin­ished! It looks like it will be Microsoft only! Per­son­nally can­’t believe it and think it’s a very bad idea. Mac users are known for pion­eer­ing tech­no­logy, so not provid­ing an option for them seems a bit strange to me, plus as a UK cit­izen, who has and will pay the TV license not being able to use a ser­vice I’m effect­ively fund­ing is not fair.

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  1. I think that is ter­rible, it should be for all users! And espe­cially as you pay the TV license you should be entitle to use their service.
    You would have thought more things would start to become more read­ily avail­able for Macs as they are becom­ing ever­more popular.

  2. Yeh I agree, I know the BBC “decision” is based around DRM which is why they are going the way of Media Play­er 10 only. Maybe it’s time MS launched some plu­ging for Quick­Time to let me play WMA drm’d files on my Mac.

  3. It gets black­er and black­er I’m afraid.
    I did some research earli­er today on this and dis­covered that Mac and Linux users will have to wait at least TWO YEARS while Microsoft builds more mar­ket share off of BBC Licence Fee pay­ers backs. Check out my blog post. I’ve found some inter­est­ing links, done some ana­lys­is, and give some places to com­plain to – includ­ing Tessa Jow­ell’s email address (she’s the Min­is­ter for TV).

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