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Back from Beach Mission

Late on Sun­day night I got back from Cric­ci­eth and the Beach Mis­sion, which is prob­a­bly more appro­pri­ate­ly enti­tled as a Hol­i­day Club. I had a great time, real­ly enjoyed it, and most­ly impor­tant­ly real­ly saw God at work.
The two weeks were spent teach­ing the kids the book of Eph­esians, specif­i­cal­ly about God’s big plan to bring every­thing togeth­er under Christ. It was quite chal­leng­ing but incred­i­bly reward­ing. See­ing the lads in my small group engage with the word of God was incred­i­ble. They real­ly took things on board and were real­ly con­sid­er­ing it and con­tem­plat­ing what was being dis­cussed and what it means for them. God is real­ly work­ing in the lives of those lads and it’s real­ly excit­ing to see.
The most excit­ing thing, was the tes­ti­mo­ny of one par­tic­u­lar fam­i­ly. They have had a hard time being accept­ed in their church at home, as well as in the sec­u­lar world, because their eldest son has a form of autism. He start­ed the week in my age-group with his mum sit­ting in to keep an eye on him, and by the end of the week she was leav­ing him with us and going to the adult events or just tak­ing some time out. That in itself was a real answer to prayer. She was con­vinced she would have to sit in for the whole of the hol­i­day club, but in the end her son was with us for the whole of the sec­ond week with­out her. Dur­ing the sec­ond week there was an evan­ge­lis­tic meal, or a meal with a mes­sage, for the adults to bring friends along too. The grand par­ents, who aren’t believ­ers, went along because of the accep­tance of their grand­son and are now appar­ent­ly real­ly con­sid­er­ing what was said at the meal.
It’s such a great sto­ry, and a real demon­stra­tion of how as Chris­tians just show­ing God’s love to peo­ple who should’ve known it can real­ly make a dif­fer­ence. God cer­tain­ly used every­one on the team in that aspect. I’m sure there are sim­i­lar sto­ries for oth­er age groups. The whole two weeks, was an expe­ri­ence I will nev­er for­get, and one which I would like to repeat next year, God willing.

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  1. Cool, sounds like a won­der­ful expe­ri­ence you had. Some­what hits close to home for me as my mom has worked one-on-one with a kid who has autism for a time while he was going through school, so I got to hear a lot about him.
    I had a good night tonight because my room­mate who’s not a Chris­t­ian joined myself and two oth­er Chris­t­ian friends in a pseu­do Bible study / dis­cus­sion tonight!
    It’s nice hear­ing good sto­ries like this!

  2. Good to have you back Phil. I am glad to see that you had a good time, and a reward­ing one at that 🙂 .
    That is a great sto­ry about the fam­i­ly and the child, it must have been so good to see him able to stay with­out his moth­er. I bet that there was a def­i­nite sense of achieve­ment from both the fam­i­ly and your­self. Plus like you said, you got to see God at work, there is noth­ing bet­ter than that 🙂 .

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