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This is my blog, a creative outlet to mess around and play with as well as a place that logs my thoughts and inspirations.

Designing for God

Design can be a funny thing. It can be the most frus­trat­ing, pain­ful pro­cess, but it can also be the most reward­ing sat­is­fy­ing and chal­len­ging pro­cess. The last term has been very enjoy­able in terms of my design work. It began with the frus­tra­tion I had been exper­i­en­cing in my work for the first term of the year, even stretch­ing back into the second year. But it improved and by the end of the term I was enjoy­ing my work, look­ing for­ward to work­ing on it and it was show­ing in the my work. Today I got my res­ults for the final pro­ject of last term, the CU one which I showed samples of the work here, and well I was pleased with them. But thats not why I’m writ­ing this.
I’ve been think­ing back about the dif­fer­ence of my work last term and the terms pre­ced­ing it. Ini­tially I star­ted with what the pro­ject I was work­ing on was, the iden­tity, web­site and posters for the Chris­ti­an Uni­on at my Uni­ver­sity. When design­ing for some­thing or someone of that nature there is only one thing you can do, bring it to God. The only way that the design of the CU iden­tity etc., could do the job it needed to do was for me to take it to God, to pray about it and make him the focus of everything I did. In doing so it enabled me to not work for my own ambi­tions, not work for the Uni­ver­sity or my tutor, but instead to work for the glory of God. Some­thing which I think we all aim to do, I know I did, but I think now I’m start­ing to under­stand what it really means. What it really means to give your day to day work to the Lord, to keep Him as your focus, the reas­on you are doing it, using your tal­ents which He gave you to do what He inten­ded them to do and to try my hard­est to bring glory to Him.

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