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Zooomr is a photo shar­ing ser­vice sim­il­ar to flickr. It’s cur­rently in a beta stage of devel­op­ment so I have decided to give it a bit of a try. It also comes with the added incent­ive that if I blog about it and use my pho­tos in my blog then I will be upgraded to a free pro account.
The ser­vice is very sim­il­ar to flickr. It lets you upload your pho­tos and tag them so that they can be eas­ily sor­ted and searched for. The ser­vice on first glance seems to miss a couple of key fea­tures, mainly the abil­ity to make sets for your pic­tures to appear in. How­ever it does have a couple of extra fea­tures which I do like. One being the track­backs. This works sim­il­arly to how the track backs in blogs work. If some one uses your photo then a track­back will appear under it in the same man­ner that a track­back appears under a blog post when someone refers to it.
Any­way, here is my pic­ture hos­ted on zoomr, its from the day of the sum­mer ball when we all met up at the beer gradens. Using this photo on my blog will give me a free pro account, so if you are a blog­ger I recom­mend you go and give Zoomr a test drive, it is being upgraded at some point in the next week but they prom­ise pho­tos will be work­ing no mat­ter what.

Summer Ball 2006-03Sum­mer Ball 2006-03Hos­ted on Zooomr

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