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Why I’m stopping “borrowing” CD’s

Towards the end of last term it was my CU’s House Party. We went away for a week­end of fel­low­ship, teach­ing and just a chance to spend time and get to know one anoth­er. Dur­ing the week­end we stud­ied ele­ments of both 1 and 2 Peter, with four talks across the week­end by our speak­er Michael Ots.
Now from exper­i­ence of study­ing 1 Peter dur­ing the sum­mer with my cell group, I knew it was set to be a chal­len­ging week­end. The basis of 1 Peter is about how we, as Chris­ti­ans, need to live, it’s an encour­age­ment from Paul about how our lives should be an example to oth­ers. Well part of what came through on the week­end, and to some extent in the sum­mer, was how we need to obey even the smal­lest of things. Take for example the copy­right law, and par­tic­u­larly the copy­ing of CD’s onto com­puters, every­one does it, people will hap­pily lend CD’s to each oth­er know­ing full well the music will be copied. I felt quite chal­lenged on this little law, if I’m join­ing the rest of the world in copy­ing music how can that be set­ting an example, how can that glor­i­fy God?
The bible tells us that God gives each King­dom to its king, he chooses them to rule over the lands (I believe it’s in Daniel this is said) and those kings or lead­ers set the laws of the land for us to live by. These copy­right laws are apart of this and as God has placed the lead­ers of my nation there and they have set this law then I should obey it.
Now before people jump in, I’m not going to stop copy­ing MY cd’s onto my com­puter. I want to be able to put them onto my iPod, but they law cov­ers this. I believe I am allowed to make 5 cop­ies for per­son­al use, I only intend to make 1 copy, put­ting it on my com­puter in order to listen to it on my iPod, this is I believe is still with­in the con­fines of the law. But I will be stop­ping bor­row­ing friends cd’s and copy­ing them to my Mac. Those people who know me will know just how much I listen to music, I have it on con­stantly, my iTunes music lib­rary is big­ger than my 20gb iPod. I like music, I like new music, so stop­ping this bor­row­ing will also stop my abil­ity to keep get­ting new music. It means I will only be able to get music when I can actu­ally afford to buy it, hope­fully this will make me appre­ci­ate the music more as well, rather than just let­ting it join the hoards on my hard­drive. It’s going to be hard to res­ist, but not nearly as hard as stop­ping speed­ing will be, kind of feel I need to do that too! It will be worth it though, any­thing I can do to be a bet­ter example to my non-Chris­ti­an friends, and dare I say it, my Chris­ti­an friends, is good.

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  1. Dude, any kind of CD copy­ing is illeg­al, even mak­ing one copy for your own per­son­al use. There is no 5 cop­ies rule.
    In the US they have a fair use law that allows you to make a back up copy. In the UK we have noth­ing like that. what’s more even rip­ping the CD is your PC as an MP3 is illeg­al as it’s mak­ing a copy.
    I am not sure what mor­al dilemma that puts you in, do you have to still fol­low the law if it is unjust?
    Appar­ently the Brit­ish Phono­graph­ic asso­ci­ation have said that they won’t pro­sec­ute any­one for doing it.

  2. Thanks for the info Errol, I was­n’t aware of that. I’m a bit stuck now, although I did find an art­icle about a gov­ern­ment fun­ded think tank that sug­ges­ted the UK changes that rule due to the pop­ular­ity of iPod etc.
    I think I shall be explor­ing more into this over the next few weeks, theres also the issue of it backs up all my pur­chases so if I lose or a CD gets stolen I’m covered. hmmmm.

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