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Well Done Jenson!

As usu­al on a Sunday I sat and watched the Grand Prix. I’m one of those fans of it that will sit and watch the race no mat­ter how inter­est­ing it is, I alsways find some enjoy­ment out of it. Todays race was a bit of a crack­er. It had everything right from the off. The fact that it was a wet race may have con­trib­uted to this, but at the end of the day it was a stun­ning race. Over tak­ing left, right and centre, crashes and all the oth­er dra­mas nor­mally attrib­uted to a a Grand Prix.
Now nor­mally I don’t blog about F1, I’m not into it so much that I will give facts and fig­ures, nor is it some­thing I live and breath, but I do enjoy it and always will. Now I’m a big McLar­en fan, always have been, but I also like to look out for the Brit­ish drivers, Dav­id Coulthard and Jen­son But­ton. I’m liable to cheer them on and hope they do well even if it means beat­ing a McLaren.
Todays race was­n’t just a thrill to watch because of all the action, but because JB finally won! He pro­duced a stun­ning drive and got exactly what he deserved. While all the oth­er drivers around him were fall­ing off the track, includ­ing Michael Schu­mach­er :D, he kept his cool, smooth driv­ing style to come through from 14th on the grid and win. I have to say con­grat­u­la­tions, well and truely deserved.
there was only one sour point to the whole thing. At the end of the race the com­ment­at­or said it took people fall­ing offf the track for it to hap­pen, but he is there, he;s finally won a race. Now excuse me, I know the only per­son ahead of him at one point was Fernando Alonso, and yes his car broke, but you for­get one thing. At that point in the race, Jen­son was clos­ing in on Fernando by 2 seconds a lap, he would’ve caught him regard­less of his retire­ment. I’m in no doubt that Jen­son would’ve won that race any­way, when he was lap­ping that much faster than the only per­son ahead of him then I beleive he would’ve passed the world cham­pi­on on the track, he had already passed Schu­mach­er earli­er in the race as it was.
Any­way, enough of that. Well done Jen­son But­ton! Bri­tain has an F1 win­ner once again! Hope­fully this is the plat form the team needs so that Jen­son can really chal­lenge for the title next season.

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