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The Zoo.

Ok, so today was our first ran­dom day trip. It was good, I really enjoyed myself. We had a really good day. It star­ted off stu­pidly early at my house, but was soon made bet­ter with a McDon­alds break­fast (not healthy I know, but we felt it was a good idea to have a hearty break­fast). We got to the Zoo at some point in the middle of the morn­ing (I can­’t actu­ally remem­ber the time!) and star­ted look­ing at the anim­als. We saw Lions (how cool!!); Bats with massive wing­spans; Ran­dom little anim­als; lots of bugs and stuff and such, erg; then we went to the fish and saw Nemo and Dor­rie; next came the Gor­il­las and then the Pen­guins. The Pen­guins were just so cool!! I want one!! hehe!! How­ever, I am not going to steal one, I’m not like the nasty people who stole the little Pen­guin after watch­ing that docu-film about them.
After the zoo we made a vis­it to Ikea. BIG mis­take! Nev­er go to Ikea with girls. They are sooooo slow and actu­ally want to buy the whole shop! We even­tu­ally made it out and back to the land of Cheltenham.
Jess took 284 pic­tures through the whole day. I have pinched a few and uploaded them to my flickr account, check the feed to see them. How­ever, when Craig had a brief stint with the cam­era he took this rather cool picture.

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