I'm a Christian, a designer, and a gadget fan who lives in Cheltenham, UK.

This is my blog, a creative outlet to mess around and play with as well as a place that logs my thoughts and inspirations.

The Formal.

Intro­duc­tion that is. I’m just going to explain how this blog works, what to look out for and to request design feedback.
You will notice in an earli­er post I made a com­ment about only hav­ing 3 cat­egor­ies. Now the keen eyed ones amoungst you will notice this is sig­ni­fic­antly less than my pre­vi­ous blog which had around 10. Now the idea behind this is that each post will be either classed as ‘con­tent’, ‘notes’ or ‘note­worthy’. The ‘con­tent’ posts will be the main blog posts. They are most likely to make up the meat of my blog. The ‘notes’ will be little snip­pets of info, they maybe a link to a site I have vis­ited which I want to share with the world or just a gen­er­al post that does­n’t quite war­rant being classed as ‘con­tent’. This leaves just the ‘note­worthy’ cat­egory. Posts with­in this cat­egory are posts which I feel deserve a little bit of extra mer­it, some­thing to make them stand out from the crowd a little bit.
Ok, so thats how the cat­egor­ies are going to work. You might be won­der­ing how the heck am I going to find some­thing about a piece of design Phil has done? Well the simple answer is this. Each post will have a list of tags. These tags will help you nar­row down your search. For example, if I make a post about the pro­ject I handed in on Tues­day, it will con­tain tags along the lines of “design, my design, cal­en­dar, pro­ject, uni”. You could then go to the search, or the tag cloud on the archives page and select maybe cal­en­dar. This will then show you all the posts that have been tagged with this.
Whilst over the next few weeks you may see the appear­ance of my blog change, some of it is already nailed down how I want it to look. The over­all look of the blog for instance is likely to stay in this single column view. The flickr stream (those pic­tures at the bot­tom) is also likely to stay where it is. You can see the com­ments mod­ule as well just above the flickr stream. Its likely this will stay here, although its appear­ance is likely to change. I can­’t get the feed­link icon to move next to the com­ments head­ing at the moment, very frustrating!
Any­way, I will sign off now as this post is get­ting long. I hope to give you more of an insight of what is in store for my blog over the next week.

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