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Summer Ball 2006

It’s the Sum­mer Ball here today at Uni.  Last years affair was quite good but lacked a bit of good music, we had The Goldie Look­ing Chain play here alst year, which to be hon­est is a bit of a disappointment.  This year is to be a dif­fer­ent story.  After get­ting over the ini­tial dis­ap­point­ment of Orson pulling out to go and sup­port Rob­bie Williams in Paris things are look­ing decid­ed­ly good.  We have a band called The Fratel­lis, The Auto­mat­ics and The Light­ning Seeds, which looks to me like a decent line up.  I have heard some of The Fratel­lis stuff in the last few days and they were on Lat­er With Jools Hol­land last night along­side The Auto­mat­ics, so we look to be in good com­pa­ny this evening.  Any ways, I must get off to go and fin­ish get­ting ready, I will post again tomor­row telling you all about it, along with a few pic­tures in my flickr stream.

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