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Searching and Growing

It’s amaz­ing how the seem­ingly smal­lest, but actu­ally quite big thing hap­pen­ing to someone else can give your own faith such a huge boost.  This term one of my house­mates, who shall remain name­less, has been explor­ing God, his beliefs and doing an Alpha course at the church I and anoth­er of my house­mates attends.  In the last few weeks I have seen a bit of a change in him.  He has been hap­pi­er and more open to talk about things, and sev­er­al times I have walked into his room and he is on MSN talk­ing to a friend from home about God, ask­ing them what they believe and just telling them about him and Jesus.
Now I just find that so amaz­ing and you would not believe the impact it has had on my own faith.  It bouys me so much and makes me feel so happy that he is begin­ning to share in Gods love and to share Gods love with oth­er people.  It just makes me real­ise how amaz­ing God and Jesus are, heck its part of what has inspired me to talk about God and my faith on my blog.  I find the way that God is using him already to be such an inspir­a­tion to me, that I can only pray and thank God that he con­tin­ues to be open to his use.
Part of his dis­cus­sion tonight brought this little mp3 to my attention.  As he was talk­ing he star­ted to ask the ques­tion “If you die tonight, will you be saved?  Will you go to Heav­en?” and that just really struck me how import­ant it is to know Jesus.  Not just for your life now, today, tomor­row or next week, but for the rest of your life after the one which we know now.  Just how big it is for someone to be search­ing and dis­cov­er­ing some­thing that will make their life so much more full and com­plete, and the fact that he is search­ing and dis­cov­er­ing this makes me believe even more strongly.  So much so that it makes me want to tell people more and to spread my faith and share it with oth­ers, and what bet­ter place to start than here??
So I leave you with this.  “When you die, are you saved?  Will you go to Heaven?”

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  1. oh man, it is so excit­ing and refresh­ing ‑we really do have the best news out there and when people real­ise it for themselves…wow!! And does­n’t it inspire you more to pray for your friends?… you alone will know how much you’ve prayed for your ‘anonym­ous housemate’-we all have. the Lord nev­er for­sakes His children.
    That George Street thing, it really makes you think… it really is THAT SIMPLE. God uses us even when we think we can­’t do any­thing, Mr.Genor thought for 40 years that what he was doing had no impact but how wrong he was?! The Lord works in mys­ter­i­ous ways and can use abso­lutely any­thing for his glory ‑we just need to step out in faith. It’s not us, it’s God.
    Heav­en knows us, there’s going to be a party!!

  2. You are right Jess, it really is that simple. It does make you want to pray for them more, and it seems so much more easi­er to talk about it when there is someone new to it all around. They do say that the best people to talk about God are the people who only just dis­covered him!!

  3. how evan­gel­ic­al all of a sud­den. that post was such an encour­age­ment! more of the same! i’ve hear that mp3, its so powerful.
    i miss you phil… :o(
    and i intend to party like crazy with you in Heav­en… :o)
    cya then if not before – lol, i hope to see you this sum­mer, actu­ally… hopefully.

  4. Ha, I thought that as I wrote it. But its so true, these things are so inspir­a­tion­al. Would be good to see you at some point this sum­mer, if you can fit me in amoungst all your busi­ness. Plus, we are so gonna party in heaven!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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