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Placement: Days 3 & 4

So yes­ter­day I did­n’t do a post as I was busy in the even­ing. We went to the pub and watched the footy since Dave is an Arsen­al fan and wanted to watch it. As a res­ult today I will cov­er yes­ter­day as well as today.
So yes­ter­day was ok. A bit bor­ing, we spent it work­ing on the pro­jects again. He gave me anoth­er Garden design one, so I’m kind of work­ing on the two pro­jects togeth­er although both will be very dif­fer­ent due to the cli­ents wishes.
Today was bet­ter than yes­ter­day. Spent some of it doing some illus­tra­tions for a nurs­ery, some little car­toon like kids. It was quite nice to get away from the com­puter screen a bit. We also met one a guy who is com­ing in free-lan­cing next week. It looks like I will be able to work along­side him quite closely next week, which will be cool. You can find his online port­fo­lio here. He is just out of uni and try­ing to get work, so go take a look at some of his stuff, it’s good.
So tomor­row is the last day of the week. Woo!! Then I will be half way through my two week stint of place­ment. Nice!!

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