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Placement: Day 6 & 7

First­ly, apolo­gies for yes­ter­day. I went to make a post of the events of yes­ter­days place­ment only to find that my site was­n’t work­ing. It appears that my hosts data­base serv­er seemed to be down as all is work­ing today. Any­way on with the post, which will be a dou­ble of todays place­ment and yesterdays.
Yes­ter­day was anoth­er good day. The morn­ing, like last mon­days was slow and not very pro­duc­tive. But, once that was out the way it was a lot bet­ter. I was on Roger’s G5 Pow­er­Mac as I for­got my iBook charg­er and his machine was free. It was great, the 23inch apple dis­play was nice and spa­cious and is mak­ing me con­sid­er care­ful­ly what I am going to buy next year. Any­way, design wise I was work­ing on some lay­outs on a brochure for a solic­i­tors and I did a lay­out for anoth­er brochure for one of the gar­den­ing briefs we have on the go. Both were quite enjoy­able and I received some good feed back from oth­er mem­bers of the Mont­pel­li­er work group.
Today was also a good day. I layed out a brochure for the solic­i­tors and that was then emailed to the clients. I will get some feed back from them tomor­row but the peo­ple down­stairs liked it so it looks like it might well get used by them. I also fin­ished off a lay­out for a hotel brochure, which just involved putting the text into an exist­ing lay­out. It was quite a hard day, well at least judg­ing by how tired I am it was.

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