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Placement: Day 2

So the second day of place­ment went well as well. I got set anoth­er pro­ject to run some ideas up for. Its for a Land­scape Garden Design com­pany, its a bit of a chal­lenge par­tic­u­larly as they have not sent any inform­a­tion about the com­pany. I have done a few ideas but hope for more when the inform­a­tion arrives and I can see what their garden designs are like.
We also looked back at the work done yes­ter­day. The logo still looked good so not alot was done to it, in fact I don’t think we touched it. We also expan­ded on the bro­chure designs I did. Craig took the lead on this while I was work­ing on the oth­er project.
This whole place­ment is mak­ing me want to get my on-line port­fo­lio sor­ted and the styl­ings for this sight graph­ic­ally fresh and inter­est­ing that also reflects me and my val­ues and styles. On the first day I thought that we were gonna be told to make ourselves a decent online prot­fo­lio but then Craig showed him the one has already done and that kinda looks like its killed the idea. So it looks like maybe at the week­end I will be get­ting my pen­cil and paper out to do some designs and styl­ings of how I want it to look. It will poten­tially cross over into some busi­ness cards for me as well.

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