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Placement: Day 1

So today was my first day of my two week place­ment at Mont­pel­li­er Cre­ative. It start­ed with a redicu­lous­ly ear­ly start, I mean 7.30am!?!? what’s that about?? We arrived on time and spent the morn­ing wait­ing for us to be told what to do. Even­tu­al­ly we were set a brief, which we are to work on for the 2 weeks we are there. The “we” , by the way, con­sists of me, Craig and a girl called Glen­da who is also on place­ment. The brief is for a com­pa­ny called “The Peo­ple Net­work” and is ini­tial­ly only for a brochure about the com­pa­ny, but we are to push it into a full-on project cre­at­ing a new iden­ti­ty, web­site and print­ed mate­r­i­al. Since we are all from dif­fer­ent back­grounds we all have dif­fer­ent areas of exper­tise and so can pull togeth­er and cov­er all the areas. Glen­da, being an adver­tis­er is behind the con­cept most­ly; I am behind the Iden­ti­ty and print work and some of the web­site; and Craig is going to be behind the web­site and some of the identity.
So today was enjoy­able. I spent the day work­ing on a new logo and a cou­ple of ideas for the print­ed brochure. I’m quite pleased with what I like, although the real test will be tomor­row when I come to look at what I have done today, if I still like it then woo, if not then I will go at it again, or at least re-work it a bit. Tomor­row will be a con­tin­u­a­tion of today work wise, plus maybe a few oth­er bits and bobs.
Any­way, until tomor­rows installment.

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