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New Month, New Look – Part 2

Well I guess if you are read­ing this you will notice that I have returned to the old boots of Elec­tric Week­end. I am using the theme which Ben coded for me, although I am mak­ing a few changes to it. The port­fo­lio sec­tion, which to be hon­est nev­er got off the ground, has gone and the asides (or my cre­at­ive spark) have been replaced with the Link­age from the Pink Octo­ber theme. I felt these links gave me more of a flow­ing con­tent and rep­res­en­ted more of my cre­at­ive sparks, they are as ever, sup­plied by Ma.gnolia.com.
The oth­er slight change is in the head­er. It has shrunk a little bit, well rather a lot, its less than half the height it was before and yes at the moment it is empty! I felt this was a neces­sary change as before the head­er was very large and meant the con­tent was pushed down the page. The con­tent is of course the most import­ant part of a blog, and so I have decided to make it more vis­ible fromt he off. Some­thing will appear in the head­er although I am yet to work out what, maybe my name as before, but chances are it will be some­thing different.
I also have to work out what I am going to use a couple of oth­er ele­ments for. Well, when I say couple of ele­ments I mean the side­bar in the archives and about page. The about page one could be easy to devel­op, maybe includ­ing some links to my oth­er areas of the inter­net such as face­book and last.fm, the archives one could be a little more tricky. There are also little bits of the side­bar that need tweak­ing as well, mainly in the way the links in my cre­at­ive spark are being dis­played, they seem a little seper­ate from the rest of the site at the moment.
If this sounds like a massive re-design then you would be wrong, not a lot of the site is going to change, it will pretty much be as it was when the theme was ori­gin­ally developed, I guess you could say this is more of a realign­ment. Keep your eyes peeled as I begin to tweak ele­ments of it etc.

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  1. Hon­estly, I like this bet­ter than the one I was work­ing on. ;). It looks also like this iter­a­tion will be easi­er for you to update. That port­fo­lio thing you had was crazy hard to code :D.

  2. Ha, yeh sorry about that! The port­fo­lio part nev­er really came to fruition so I aban­doned it. Simple is always bet­ter! I’m still tweak­ing it, and would love to upgrade to 0.9 just don’t have the time. I also like the way your site is evolving, it slowly seems to be com­ing your own ver­sion of Cutline!

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