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My First Meme: 5 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Me

I have been tagged by Nick at TCRA to do this 5 Things You Prob­ably Don’t Know About Me.
1. I was born on the same day as my Great Great Great (I think its 3!) Grand­fath­er. He was born in 1838 146 years before me.
2. When I was born, or shortly after, I was covered head to toe in eczema. I’ve now largely grown out of it apart from the odd patch here and there. The most trouble­some patch, behind me knees, dis­ap­peared after a ski­ing trip with the Chris­ti­an youth organ­isa­tion Cypher when I was 14.
3. I went to cas­u­alty 4 times in 3 years at seni­or school for sports related injuries.
4. Some of you might know this one, but I’m stuck, ha! I worked in an old school style hard­ware store as a Sat­urday boy from the age of 16 to 18. I went back to work there in the sum­mer as well and really quite enjoyed it!
5. I am a God-Fath­er to the two sons of my old boss at the pub I worked in before I came to uni. Sadly I don’t see them much but I do pray for them as its the closest I can get to ful­filling my role as God-Father.
Ok, I’m sup­posed to tag some people now, I don’t know of many read­ers I have here so I’m going to leave my invites open and if I come across someone then I will add you!

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  1. Eczema… It’s a hor­rible thing, I was exactly the same as you when I was born 15 years ago, covered from head to toe. I still get it but not as bad. My worst patch would be the same as what yours was, behind the knees, although my fin­gers used to get pretty bad, although they appear ok now.
    I think I inher­ited my eczema from my moth­er; she used to have eczema pretty bad as well… At least you have grown out of it now. I can­’t wait till I have!

  2. Sorry to hear that Aidan, it cer­tainly is a hor­rid thing. I hope you do grow out of it, I’m sure you will, I haven’t grown out of it totally, it still flares up from time to time mostly when I am stressed!


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