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Mission Week

Last week was Mis­sion Week at my CU, I had ori­gin­ally planned to blog about it daily but I was that busy and that tired I was unable to do so. As a res­ult I am going for a bit of a mass post about the events and will then fol­low it up with anoth­er post about what I got from the week.
It all star­ted at 8am on Monday morn­ing. We had the first pray­er meet­ing of the week which was then fol­lowed up with the first ses­sion of First Con­tact. First con­tact was basic­ally a way of enga­ging with the uni­ver­sity. We went out armed with ques­tion­naires (well I did all except Monday) which were aimed to open up a con­ver­sa­tion and make people think about their beliefs. These ses­sions went on every­day based on a dif­fer­ent cam­pus each time, but all with the same pur­pose. On many occa­sions we were able to give the per­son we spoke to a book called the Life Gos­pel, which con­tained a small chunk of the bible in con­tem­por­ary eng­lish. This was par­tic­u­lalry encour­aging, par­tic­u­larly as two or three of the people I spoke to dur­ing the week had nev­er had the oppor­tun­ity to read the bible.
After First Con­tact we had a main event each night. On Tues­day we had a Pub Quiz in the SU Bar over at the Gloucester(Oxstalls) cam­pus. This was a really good night, for many reas­ons. Not only did a large num­ber of CU mem­bers turn up but also lots of people who are in halls at Oxstalls came as well. We later learnt that it was the busiest they have seen that par­tic­u­lar SU Bar since the start of term, mean­ing that it was a large amount of people who got to hear our speak­er, Michael Ots aka Motsy, talk about the Gos­pel. This kind of encour­aging news spread across the whole week. On Wed­nes­day at our Da Vinci Code show­ing 4 people took a free book about under­stand­ing while the Bible is rel­ev­ant today, there were only 5 book to give away! Motsy also spoke after the film about some of the issues it raised and he had some people come upto him at the end to explain fur­ther why the film is so wrong.
Thursday night was prob­ably the night which had the poten­tial to make the most impact. We held an acous­tic night in FCH SU Bar. The SU Bar on this cam­pus is par­tic­u­larly busy on a Thursday night and so it meant a lot of people would be present to hear Motsy speak. Sev­er­al tables around where I was sit­ting con­tained people listen­ing to him and pick­ing up and flick­ing throught the Life Gos­pels we had placed on each table.
The Fri­day night event, and the final event of the week, was held in con­junc­tion with FNC. It gave us a relaxed envir­on­ment, in which we could invite people along to here Motsy speak in great­er detail about the Gos­pel. Unfor­tu­nately only 1 non-Chris­ti­an was there to hear him speak, but he still spoke very well, as he did all week, and it was a nice relax­ing end to the week.
Through­out the week we were also plug­ging our fol­low up course, which is called Life. It’s very sim­il­ar to the alpha course in its aims and setup and many people through­out the week showed an interest in com­ing along. Hope­fully they will attend and gain the chance to hear more about the Gos­pel. Over­all it was a very good week, I learnt many things of which more news will fol­low. Please pray people con­tin­ue to show an interest in the Life course and that those who took a copy of the Life Gos­pel will not just dis­card it but will read it.

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