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Keyboard Questions

So soon, well prob­a­bly after WWDC ’06, I will be buy­ing an iMac to replace my iBook as my pri­ma­ry com­put­er. I’m a bit stuck. Before the BT Mighty Mouse was released I was going to buy the Log­itech key­board and mouse for Mac. I was going for this option as I want­ed a wire­less desk­top (I real­ly hate wires) but at the same time want­ed one to match my Mac (I’m a suck­er for things match­ing and look­ing good!). Then with the release of the BT Mighty Mouse I now find myself stuck. Do I buy the BT key­board and MM from Apple, or buy the log­itech set­up. I have heard bad things about the Apple Key­boards but have nev­er seen one of these Log­itech setups to try out. Does any­one have any feed­back or sug­ges­tions on the matter??

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