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Itchy feet

No not in the sense you are think­ing. I mean in the design sense, not the sense that I have phys­ic­ally got itchy feet! Ha! Yeah alright, I can hear you, my site has only just been redesigned. But I have itchy feet again! I don’t know why it is, I guess that it just does­n’t feel like me.
For those of you who have been here for a while it has always been a bit of an issue as to what my blog/website actu­ally looks like. I have always wanted it to rep­res­ent me, which con­tinu­ally presents a dif­fi­cult task. I have to be happy with it. Now being me and being a design­er presents 2 issues here. I am a per­fec­tion­ist. There­fore, whenev­er I am design­ing for myself I am nev­er sat­is­fied, I can nev­er settle on one par­tic­u­lar design for long enough. As a res­ult, I’m start­ing to get itchy feet already with how this blog looks. It does­n’t mean I won’t be using this design, no doubt it will be up for a while but I’m start­ing to want to change it again, it just does­n’t seem to be styl­ish enough for my liking.
Now, there is ussu­ally a reas­on for my sud­den desire to redesign the appear­ance of my blog. This time it hap­pens to be the release of K2 0.9 and the superb job that Michael Heile­man has done in cre­at­ing Bin­ary Bon­sai on the K2 base. It just demon­strates what a superb base K2 is and the flex­ib­il­ity it has to cre­ate some­thing unique and beau­ti­ful. Basic­ally it is mak­ing me want to cre­ate some­thing of my own. This means one thing. The next theme for my blog, which no doubt I will start design­ing soon, will be one that I code myself. Then I can say its all my work. So with that I’m going to start learn­ing PHP and CSS, but spe­cific­ally CSS. While I am set­ting myself this little task, it will no doubt take me a while to do, which means you get to enjoy the won­ders of the cur­rent theme.
UPDATE: Who am I kid­ding, I do like this design, I just need to com­plete it all. Like mak­ing the port­fo­lio link real and so forth!! The blog stays, amaz­ing what a dif­fer­ence a day can make!

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