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Home, with direction!?!

Hav­ing got to the end of my 2nd year at uni I now find myself at home for the summer.  Its been an inter­est­ing last term and even more inter­est­ing being back home.  The trans­ition from being at uni to being at home is quite strange.  Obvi­ously its nice to see par­ents and friends, but the atti­tudes of my friends here are so dif­fer­ent to uni.  At uni you can have people around you all the time, they make an effort to see people and if they say they are gonna do some­thing gen­er­ally they do it.  Com­plete con­trast to any­one at home, I have been back since Tues­day seen a few people arranged to meet up with some and they bail.  The atti­tudes are totally different.
Times like these really make me think.  I know it seems weird, I have known these people longer than the people at uni, yet I find myself ques­tion­ing how good a friend they are.  I find myself com­par­ing the two sets of friends, which I know I should­n’t but its very hard not too.  I sup­pose they just make me real­ise how blessed I have been at uni.  It makes me real­ise how God has equipped me in life, how he has sup­plied me with the people I need to sup­port me.  At home I have my par­ents and at uni I have friends who will be there for me.  Obvi­ously my friends here would be as well, but in a dif­fer­ent way.
God has made me so com­fort­able in Chel­ten­ham and sup­plied me with the people to help that happen.  It is obvi­ous he put me there for a reas­on and it just leaves me won­der­ing what he else he has in store for me, what his plan for me is after uni, where he wants me to be and what he wants me to do.  All I know is that I will try and do it.  Start­ing with my final year at uni and passing that to glor­i­fy him a major part of that I feel is with my dis­ser­ta­tion on which I will be blog­ging in the next few days.

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