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Hinduism no barrier for job as Minister!

I read this on Fri­day in the paper. I can­’t quite believe what I read still. There are sev­er­al things in the art­icle I can­’t quite believe. The fact that he thinks that he has­n’t “neither expli­citly nor impli­citly renounced my Chris­ti­an faith or Priest­hood” is just ridicu­lous. Simply by con­vert­ing to Hinduism you have done just that, he has pub­licly stated that the death and resur­rec­tion of Jesus is not enough and that he must offer sac­ri­fices and burn fires to Hindu idols. The fact he wishes to con­tin­ue min­is­ter­ing in the Church when he returns to Eng­land is just, well, I can­’t quite put it into words. I am with Mrs. Pau­line Scott, who is quoted in the art­icle, he should not be allowed to Min­is­ter again, and I hope that the Bish­op of Elly takes away the license he gran­ted Mr Hart.

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