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Last night was the bap­tism of one of the guys from CU.  He has had such an incred­ible year and you can really see how God has helped him and worked in his life.  So when a few weeks ago he sent an email invite out to every­one invit­ing them to his bap­tism it did­n’t really come as any real surprise.  It really is such great test­a­ment to what God has been doing in his life.
I have been to sev­er­al bap­tism ser­vices this year, but last nights really struck just how much I like them.  They really are fant­ast­ic services.  Every­one in the con­greg­a­tion is just so happy and pleased that the whole ser­vice kind of feels like a big party.  Every­one is just so thank­ful and wants to praise God it just makes me smile.  I think that a bap­tism ser­vice must be one of the best ser­vices to bring a non-Chris­ti­an too.  I mean if they go and see every­one in that kind of atmo­sphere and feel­ing so happy, how can they not won­der and want to know more about this thing that is mak­ing so many people happy.
On a more per­son­al note these ser­vices really make me think.  I’m not entirely sure I know what it makes me think.  It could be that it just makes me real­ise how lucky I am.  That I know this God who made such a huge sac­ri­fice for me, but not just for me, for all my fam­ily and all my friends as well, and even bet­ter that I am will­ing to let him work in me.  It’s like the ser­vice just acts like a massive inspir­a­tion to me, that I want my God to work in me, well to con­tin­ue to work in me, but that I also want him to work in my friends.  Those ones that don’t yet know Jesus but also those ones that are already in a rela­tion­ship with him.  Its just such an amaz­ing gift that it frus­trates me that people will only accept half of the story, the bits that suit them, but that anoth­er story.

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