I'm a Christian, a designer, and a gadget fan who lives in Cheltenham, UK.

This is my blog, a creative outlet to mess around and play with as well as a place that logs my thoughts and inspirations.

1 Year on

So over the week­end, 28th August, my ven­tures in the world of blog­ging turned 1 year old and it’s cer­tainly been an inter­est­ing year.
On the 28th August I opened my blog­ger account and star­ted with this post. It was a humble begin­ning and only really happened because I was bored. After com­ing across the won­ders of Bin­ary Bon­sai I dis­covered Word­Press and K2. Driv­en by want­ing to use this theme I found a blog­ger tem­plate to match it and my blog was soon look­ing as K2 and word­press as I could get it to look.
I was soon get­ting into this blog­ging busi­ness, post­ing was a bit sporad­ic and I did­n’t really know what I was writ­ing or doing, but I was enjoy­ing it and I came up with posts like these in my moments of mad­ness. As I got fur­ther into things I wanted more from my blog­ging exper­i­ence. Really I wanted some­thing that I could make my own. So I moved to a free domain at orgfree.com. It was some­what tur­bu­lant. K2 did­n’t work with the domain ini­tially and I was­n’t able to do all that I wanted to. Blog­ging con­tin­ued though. Sadly those posts are lost as, being the novice I am, I did­n’t backup and import the posts when Elec­tric Week­end was born.
Since then I have been on some­what of a jour­ney. The appear­ance of this here blog has changed greatly, but I now seem to have settled on a design. It’s not quite fin­ished and we still need to do a few bits on it, but it’s pretty much there.
current blog
So onto the next year of my blog. What does it hold for me? Well, hope­fully more of whats been and more of God. I am increas­ingly feel­ing that my blog can be a way of talk­ing about Jesus and the impact he has had on my life. Not just on how he has impacted the way I live my life, but also the way he has impacted my work and my designs. I have a dis­ser­ta­tion to write on the use of Chris­ti­an sym­bols and ideas/concepts in advert­ising and I expect to use my blog to dis­cuss some of this as I go through it all. It’s gonna be an excit­ing time, so please do keep read­ing and com­ing back. This blog is for me primar­ily, but it would be nice to hear of what you think about it. Please do leave a com­ment. Here’s to anoth­er year of Elec­tric Weekend.

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  1. Inter­est­ing. I’ve been blog­ging for about a year as well and I star­ted out on blog­spot too. Funny how far we’ve come in a year, isn’t it?

  2. It is. Although I do say you have come a lot fur­ther than I have. But I’m get­ting there slowly, I just need a more reg­u­lar post­ing pat­tern I feel. Thanks for the help on my design by the way!! 😀

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