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This Weekend.

Ok, so this week­end I need a plan. I have lots of stuff to do, so I need a plan to make sure I get it done!
Start­ing with today. Lec­ture, Kate is com­ing for a cof­fee, I need to organ­ise the cells for CU, I have to ring Dad and ask him to so some­thing for me (we need a quiz for CU!!).
Sat­urday. Work. I need to push on with my “eclipse” pro­ject, need to sort out the label and how it will look. Keep upto date with the Forest score. Maybe see some friends.
Sunday. Fin­ish off stuuf I did­n’t do on Fri­day or Sat­urday. Go to church, not sure on this one, I did­n’t par­tic­u­larly like Cam­bray, it was a little bland for me, but I don’t feel com­fort­able at Trin­ity, oh the dilema!
The chances of it all hap­pen­ing. Well Fri­day is gonna hap­pen, Lec­ture is a must, Kate is com­ing so thats sor­ted, just to do the cells, and that will be done as it needs to be done. Sat­urday. Chances of that hap­pen­ing are also quite high. Craig is at work, James is at home so only Steve and Dan around the house, means its quite pos­sible that work will be com­pleted. Sunday, well more of the same so that will hap­pen. Woo! Hope­fully a pro­duct­ive week­end for Phil is on the way.

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  1. yeh whatever phil! you know you won’t do it, well if you’re any­thing like me (and we were once twins I remem­ber) then you wont get it done!
    sorry, i must be sup­port­ive and tell you that you can do it! Yehh go Phil!
    Obvi­ously when i said my neg­at­ive exper­i­ence of Not­ting­hamo­nions, i was not refer­ring to Phil of South­well. You are indeed one of my favour­ites. it’s that Alan Head yoiu have to watch out for!!
    Big big cuddles xxx

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