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This Weekend. Update.

Well Fri­day came off pretty well. Jess came over and we man­aged to sort out all the cells. I asked Dad about the quiz, albeit not over the phone, but I asked. The only thing that did­n’t hap­pen was cof­fee with Kate. My fault though, appar­natly I said I would text her after my lec­ture and I for­got. So I was wait­ing for her to come over, and she was wait­ing for me to text her to ask her over. Ah well, maybe next week.
Hope­fully tom­mor­rows plan will be just as succesful.
In the mean time, I fiddled with my blog abit. I changed the skin, this one is much nicer. I edited the links sec­tion so its a bit more how I wanted it to be. Since people seem to read this one more than the oth­er one, I think I will just con­cen­trate on this, it seems abit daft to post the same thing on 2 blogs. Hope­fully I will be able to cus­tom­ise this one a bit more, maybe the head­er I would­n’t mind doing some­thing a bit more per­son­al and Phil related, but we shall see. The only thing I don’t like about this blog is that it does­n’t have full Safari sup­port so I have to use Fire­fox everytime I want to post. I sup­pose its not to bad and could be worse.
Here’s to anoth­er pro­duct­ive day tomorrow.

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