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This Weekend. Update 2.

Well, I did­n’t get much work done today, looks like I will be doing it tomor­row instead. I did man­age to get emails out to cell lead­ers and got some updat­ing of the CU site in, although that is no where near fin­ished and will have to wait til I have a bit more spare time. Dis­coverd that I have an assign­ment in at the end of the week so this week is gonna be a busy one. ergh!!
Forest won, woo!! We are now 2 points off the play offs in 10th and head­ing to Bournemouth in the next league game. Come on you reds!!
I’m a bit curi­ous to see who, if any­one oth­er than my Dad and Ernie read this. So if you do, please leave me a comment.
Heres to a pro­duct­ive work day tomorrow!!

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  1. i read 🙂
    and if your dad does too, then well… sounds like any­one else would fade into insignificance!
    sorry to hear your day was­nt pro­duct­ive, maybe i should have been more encour­aging in my last comment!!
    speaky with u soon, smile on COS YOU ARE GREAT!!!

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