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So its been a busy week.

It’s been a busy week or so since I last updated. I have been work­ing hard on my pro­ject which is now all handed in, woo!!
Week­end was fun, me and Craig cooked for Jen, Ruth and Names, cos they had been on place­meant for 3 days so we thought we would treat them. Ruth’s friend Emma came aswell as Ruth’s bro Dav­id. That was quite fun, we ahd a laugh at ours on fri­day night and then at Ruth’s on Sat­urday. That was after me had been to see the fire­works at the Race­course, which was also fun.
Woke up Sunday and felt awful. Monday was­n’t much bet­ter, and my throat was abso­lutely killing me yes­ter­day. In fact voice was start­ing to go late last night, when I went to bed, and when I woke up this morn­ing it was gone full­stop. Bit rub­bish, and it meant I did­n’t have to do my present­a­tion today.
Any­ways, its very annoy­ing not hav­ing a voice. It occa­sion­ally comes back but sounds rough as any­thing and hurts like heck, so it will be lots of sleep over the next few days, espe­cailly as I don’t have any lec­tures this week!!

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