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The humble plug. A means of power­ing elec­tric­al equip­ment. One of the most use­ful inven­tions ever. Its abil­ity to keep equip­ment powered is rivaled by noth­ing, it’s even help­ing me write this post. Whilst on the sur­face it is friendly and help­ful, it has a much more sin­is­ter side. To hurt you. Yes that’s right, I JUST STOOD ON A FRICKIN PLUG AND IT FLIPPING HURTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Who ever inveted the flam­ing thing to lie nat­ur­ally on its back with thsoe 3 nasty prongs facing the sky is not a nice per­son. Surely they did it while they were invent­ing it, surely they did what I just did and put their whole weight on to the 3 small prongs facing the sky!! I did­n’t do any­thing to it, I just unplugged it and pushed it to the side next to the wall. It could’ve behaved and stayed there, but oh no, its got to go walk­ing around, leis­urly slid­ing into the middle of the floor, calmly wait­ing for my unsus­pect­ing foot to land square onto its 3 prongs.
Maybe I am being harsh, maybe its not its fault. Maybe its mine, maybe I should’ve ensured it was close to the wall. Maybe its the flip­ping cable it is attached to. Thats it. Its the cables fault. The cable could’ve stayed all tied togeth­er, nicely fol­ded and tucked up to the wall, but oh no. It has to straight­en out and have a stretch, kindly push­ing the plug into the middle of the floor, wait­ing, mock­ing, laugh­ing at what is about to happen!!
Ok, the pain is eas­ing. Does­n’t seem to be any dam­age, noth­ing that won’t go away. Maybe I will sur­vive, it’s look­ing more and more likely. The plug how­ever, now theres a dif­fer­ent story. If I ever see it in the middle of my floor again, lurk­ing and wait­ing for my foot, it will not live. It will dis­cov­er the ever so pain­ful feel­ing of dis­con­nec­tion. Yes thats it. Per­men­antly dicon­nec­ted, severed from it cable. Then who will be laugh­ing?? Hey!! We’ll see!!

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  1. you’re well funny! that actu­ally made me laugh at how bizarre ur brain is and the won­ders of the way it works!!
    love you matey, keep smil­in xx

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