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ooooo iPod nano!!

Yes­ter­day saw the launch of Apple’s iPod­mini replace­ment the iPodnano.
Have you seen the pic­tures, its so nice, and little, and well wow!! Its to small for my music col­lec­tion to fit on it, heck I’ve nearly filled my 20gb iPod!! Any­way, I will be recom­mend­ing this baby to any­one who wants a little mp3 play­er once I get back to uni. Tis so nice!!
Ah the gad­getry!! hehe!!
Surely this will increase Apple’s halo effect being cre­ated by the iPod brand. How long before every­one real­ises that Micro$oft and the thing they call win­dows are rub­bish?? Can­’t be far off!! hehe!!